Why women don’t play online games?


Women don’t play online games but play them     Everybody feels pleasure after something one wanted or pursued is achieved. How this pleasure differs to both men’s and women’s views? For instance, strength, speed and craftiness are often important for men. They can feel ashamed if for some reason they can’t pull themselves up proper quantity of times during PE lesson or if they become outsiders while jogging with other men. At the same time women in general wouldn’t be upset if they can’t play basketball or volleyball, if they can’t run 100 meters or swim the crawl. Women aren’t motivated to demonstrate their power and strength that is why they rarely prefer shooters. More likely they will play the game, where the main goal is not to destroy enemy but to save the territory they already have, to maintain and to defend it. Women don’t accept fighting without any reason, fighting for fighting, however they certainly will do their best to defend something they appreciate.

Main character

Women Gamer - Main character     Gamers always associate themselves with the main character, and it is unlikely that a woman will associate herself with sweaty muscular man, even if he is extremely cool. They best option for female players would be undoubtedly a woman, charismatic and sexy. She could be a blonde office-manager, a vampire, a princess, a free runner, anybody, but whoever she is, she must be feminine and attractive. Another appropriate main character capable of getting female appeal could be someone mild and fluffy, some kind of a funny cute animal.


    As we already understood: women are more motivated if they have something except the main character to defend. The question now is: does women’s strategy of assaulting enemies differs from men’s one? The answer is yes, it does. To win a male player usually uses his strength, speed, craftiness, weapons, traps. A female seldom resorts to direct confrontation, to win she would prefer making her enemy to her friend or making friends with someone capable to overpower her enemy. Women naturally are social, instead “Veni, vidi, vici” they more likely use diplomacy. Everybody knows the joke that only women can make friends against someone. That is why, returning to our first point called achievement, a female player would rather win her enemy over to her side, than shatter his head into pieces. To conclude, from men’s point of view victory over the enemy is the confirmation of his power. Women win by using other means. It is more important for them to get the proof of her social efficiency, communication skills, of the ability to build relationships and being acute.


Women don’t play war games     A lot of male players become excited when having got more powerful gun on certain levels. In addition, they confess that will replay a game if being granted another weapon. New arm gives many possibilities: goals and missions remain the same but they can be fulfilled different way. Women probably do not prefer execute already completed task using another method. During confrontation men pay attention to the tactics, while for women tactics usually has the second priority, the first place is taken by social side of the campaign: looking for allies, creating unions, carrying intrigues. Social and psychological confrontations are subjects of their highest interest. This point should be taken while creating game for women audience. One more point is that women are much closer to nature than to technics. Arbalest, magic potion, super power will be estimated by female players higher than variety of modern arms.

Digging deeper

    Most women believe time to be too precious for wasting it on gaming. Therefore, the challenge game-developers face with, is to create the game that would meet the competition with real life. It is not typical for women to dive into virtual world for retreat. They often wouldn’t be able to relax or to switch over until their everyday routine isn’t fixed. Female prefer sociality, they more often than man use social networks and mobile games, play online-games. The last one creates an illusion of game’s importance, because this sort of game can be shared with others.
    Disclaimer: Points above are based on average female representative. There always are exceptions and different opinions. To sum up, to satisfy most female players game developers should move the emphasis from military themes to social ones, make it bright, a little-bit mysterious and to add adventures and quests.

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