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quantity players53 260 325
type genreCasual

    Farmerama invites everybody into agricultural world, where natural habitat and farmer’s careful attention make resulting product, which people use like food or valuable object for trade and exchange.
    The strategy of this quest allows newcomer-farmers to develop their possession: small garden at the beginning of the game process has chances to grow into the huge farm, planted with different types of vegetables, fruit trees and inhabited with cattle. While increasing the production, tiller have the ability to sell goods in the market or by posting the appropriate advertisement. There is a possibility to chat with other players, which are gaining the same experience. Furthermore, players are offered to gather into communities (same as real existed collective farms). If a member of the community doesn’t have necessary goods, his neighbours will definitely help him, as in turn he will.
    After finishing all the steps of developing the farm new location will be opened for players. It is an island, called Bahamarama, where experienced farmers will meet a lot of exotic species of flora and fauna.
    Developers made their best to let players feel like they are engaged into the real land work: high quality animation and sound accompaniment will calm down every person after the hard day at work or help to start another relaxed day.